Why You Need The Munroe Development, a Licensed Contractor to Work on Your Commercial Construction Properties

If you’re a property manager who’s looking to have work done on your commercial construction properties, it’s crucial to look for a licensed contractor. Rather than taking a chance on unqualified help, you’ll avoid substantial risks and stress by hiring someone who has earned the proper credentials and follows good business practices.

The following are a few of the reasons why it’s important to hire The Munroe Development, a licensed contractor for your commercial construction properties:

Commitment to our profession

It takes time, knowledge, and a financial commitment to obtain a contractor's license. Doing so means that a contractor is in business for the long haul, is committed to their profession, and is unlikely to cut corners on your commercial construction.

We carry insurance

As licensed contractors, we have worker's compensation insurance, so if a worker is injured on your property, you're protected. Otherwise, an injured worker could sue you to cover their medical bills and other expenses, resulting in a potentially huge liability.

We are bonded

As licensed contractors, we are bonded, which generally means that we pay a premium to a surety company. This ensures that you're financially protected if we as the contractor fail to complete the job, doesn't pay for permits, or fails to meet other financial obligations.

You have an ally in the state licensing board

If you happen to have a dispute with a licensed contractor, you have a powerful ally in the state licensing board. The board can help resolve disputes and may provide funds to help compensate you. On the other hand, if you've hired an unlicensed contractor or tradesperson, you won't have this help and may be left holding the bag in the event of substandard or incomplete work.

We can obtain the proper permits

As licensed contractors, we are knowledgeable about and legally able to obtain any permits required for work being done on your commercial construction. If work is being done without the proper permits, you'll be breaking the law.

We have a systematic approach

As licensed contractors, we have a plan before we begin working on a commercial construction project, and we will ensure that each step is followed systematically. We communicate with you to ensure that you're kept well informed until the project is completed.

We have access to a variety of subcontractors

As licensed contractors, we have developed a relationship with a variety of reliable subcontractors who also have the proper credentials and experience to ensure that your commercial construction job is done right.

We ensure the project is properly completed

As licensed contractors, we will work through any issues that arise and ensure that your commercial construction project is completed to your satisfaction. Unlike some contractors who aren't licensed, we won't "cut and run," leaving you with unfinished work and problems.

You'll be covered for a property insurance claim

If you hire an unlicensed contractor or tradesperson to do the job, you could void your property owner's insurance policy in the event of a problem.