How Bay Windows Create an Attractive and Unique Appearance for Your Home


Bay windows are designed with two side windows set at an angle to a center pane of glass. Installing a bay window in any room of your home creates an attractive and unique appearance offering several positive effects. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Enhanced Ventilation
    The sides can be opened to allow ventilation at either end of the bay window. Since the side windows open at an angle, this action causes the air to cross circulate rather than simply flowing directly into the room. As a result, the room receives better ventilation than would be achieved with single-hung windows.
  2. Illusion of Roominess
    The sheer size of a bay window can create an illusion of spaciousness that opens up the room to the outside in multiple layers. Angled side windows enhance the openness provided by the center pane of glass, creating a 3-dimensional effect that creates the illusion of the room being connected to the outside.
  3. Decorative Purposes
    Bay windows feature a shelf-like panel of wood that is suitable to display lightweight items such as picture frames and knickknacks. It provides the ideal spot for a small holiday display. While it does look inviting as a seat, this shelf is better used as a decorative accent rather than a sitting area.

Installing a bay window can change the whole look of a room. As it brings in more light and air, it provides the illusion that your room opens up to the outside. If you have the wall space, you might want to consider upgrading to a bay window during your next home renovation project.

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